Temporo Mandibular Joint Problems and Chiropractic

TMJ stands for TemporoMandibular Joint, or the jaw joint. You have two TMJ’s, one in front of each ear, connecting the lower jaw bone (the mandible) to the skull. The joints allow movement up and down, side to side, and forward and back. The TMJ is used many hundreds of times a day in moving […]

3 things you did not know raise your Cholesterol levels

Let me start with this: Egg yolks, Pasteurized butter, ghee and nuts do not raise your cholesterol levels. But if you have all of this combined with the following …then you are in for trouble. Eating fruits right after dinner:I’m guessing your dinner has some sort of carbs in the form of Rice/ Roti/ dal/ Veges/potatoes […]

Just how important is good posture?

Good Posture…How important is it? Posture ranks right up at the top of the list when you are talking about good health. It is as important as eating right, exercising, getting a good night’s sleep and avoiding potentially harmful substances tobacco. Good posture is a way of doing things with more energy, less stress and […]

10 Tips To Beat Headache

1. Check up your spine. Your neck plays a huge role in causing headache. Poor seated   posture causes tension-type headaches. Chiropractic gives real lasting relief. 2.Identify your triggers. Keep a diary. 3. Reduce your stress. Learn to relax. 4. Stop smoking. 5. Avoid medications as they can cause rebound headaches, which begin when the medication […]