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Your first visit

Both on the telephone, and when you arrive at the clinic, our receptionist, are more than happy to help you with information and appointments. Before you see the doctor of chiropractic, the receptionists will ask you to fill in a medical form about your present and past health conditions, including your main problem.

The doctor will also enquire about the kind of work you do in order to understand the physical stress you are under. If you have already had radiographs, cat scans or magnetic resonance scans done within the last five years, bring them with you if you can. They will help us to evaluate your condition. If you do not yet have any radiographs etc at the moment, it is best to wait and let us advise you as to which examinations are most appropriate.


On first meeting the doctor, a full case history will be taken, in order to confirm the type of physical examination which will follow. These two preliminary examinations will enable the chiropractor to evaluate your particular problem and decide on a treatment plan.

The next step is a postural analysis to check out any anomalies which might have an influence on the situation. We spend five years learning in great detail how to analyse the specific movements of each vertebra and all the other joints of the body, together with many other examination techniques such as orthopaedic and neurological tests. This enables us to build up a complete picture of your health and gives us the best opportunity to apply the most appropriate and specific spinal manipulative therapy for your particular problem.

During this first visit, when the chiropractor has decided upon the origin of your symptoms, he/she will start the first treatment of manipulation or chiropractic adjustments. Particular attention will be directed towards the areas of the spine which exhibit signs of dysfunction, or subluxation, i.e. vertebrae which have abnormal movement or positioning. We work with our hands, using no machines apart from the elaborate bench which helps us to position you ready for the treatment.

At the end of the first treatment, we will have a clearer idea of the number of treatments required for your particular problem, although we can only give you an approximate number at this stage. Low back pain, for example, usually improves fairly quickly, especially if it is the first episode for you and you come to us in the early stages. However, everyone gets better at their own rate, depending on many factors such as your age and general state of health, as well as the severity and duration of your problem.

Your chiropractic treatments will help you to heal faster if you listen to and act upon all the advice your chiropractor gives you. We may suggest lifestyle changes, specific exercises and other techniques to increase the speed of recovery.