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Corporate Wellness Solutions And Ergonomic Consultancy

Most office staff spend at least 8 hours working in a sedentary position. This limited movement is the primary source of back problems. This inactivity of the muscles and the lack of exercise strains your back, and is further complicated by improper desk posture. Work related stress, also contributes to the development of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Chiropractic Dubai offers a range of services to relieve the painful conditions of employees, improve the rate of absenteeism, reduce costs for RSI and improve team cohesion and office morale at the workplace.

How Can Chiropractic Benefit Your Company?

  • By providing professional, expert analysis and treatment of the current and future health of your employees.
  • By diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any musculo-skeletal conditions related to your workers health. Through the year, this improves productivity by eliminating lost workdays due to sickness related absences. Teamwork is paramount in every office: therefore, if an individuals health is suffering, so will the team productivity and the company itself.


– In the United Kingdom, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) alone costs companies 1 billion GBP, and affects 200,000 people.
– Companies pay on average, 567 GBP, (3,175 AED) per employee, per year, for sickness.
-Up to 60% of all job-related injuries involve RSI.
-Research in the US has shown that for every $1.00 invested in ergonomic intervention strategy (e.g RSI prevention), there is a return of $17.80. This is a 1:17.8 return on investment

We offer a comprehensive service that is unique to each company we work with. Ranging from ergonomic workstation checks, spinal check-ups and standing postural checks for each employee, to the provision of an office exercise program and corporate reports of findings of overall trends seen in the office. Employees are classified in categories for treatments and options are provided that may include in house treatments for companies with over 20 employees in need of treatment.

If you are interested in increased financial growth and increased productivity in your office because of the full potential achieved due to the optimal health of your workers, then call us about our corporate services on 04-348 1166 or e-mail us at

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