Dermoid cyst cured by Homeopathy

Mrs. M visited EEMC with a dermoid cyst on her back, seeking homeopathic treatment. A detailed physical examination and case-taking session revealed that she had the cyst for over 15 years. Only recently had it become painful. She did not want to undergo any kind of invasive procedure or surgery. Thus, she had opted for homeopathy.

Dr Manjari prescribed a remedy for the dermoid cyst, based on her constitution and the symptoms she was exhibiting. For a few days after taking the first dose, her pain shot up. This was due to initial aggravation, indicating that the right homeopathic remedy had been prescribed. Within a week, the dermoid cyst burst open and lots of pus came out of the vent. This continued for the next 10 days, relieving pressure inside the cyst. The pain in the cyst gradually reduced. And along the way,  rubbery coagulated pus that had been trapped in the cyst started coming out through the vent. She found great relief in 24 hours after the vent opened.

Within 3 weeks of treatment, the area looked flatter and healthier. The vent remained open for the next 3 months, with minimal discharge on and off, but no pain. Thanks to homeopathy, the dermoid cyst completely healed within 4 months, without any surgery or antibiotics.

Its now been more than a year since that treatment and the patient continues to be healthy.