The Milk Myth


Our nutritionist is on the expert panel for Gulf news, Friday Magazine! Here is here quick response to one of the readers busting the milk Myth. If you have any questions, feel free to email them on

Question from a reader: Of lateI have heard so many scary things about dairy. I am seriously contemplating on avoiding it for my family and myself. But I really worry about the calcium intake. Quitting completely won’t affect my bones?

I completely understand your reservation with quitting milk and landing up with a calcium deficiency. With all the new biochemical and nutritional research, it is becoming increasingly clear that “milk makes our bones strong” is more of a marketing gimmick and a nutritional myth.

The way commercial milk is processed today, it’s got a whole lot of nasty stuff like antibiotics and hormones that your body cannot process. In fact, exposure to this on a daily basis can actually wreck you hormonally. Plus, it leaves behind an acidic residue, which puts us at risk of other problems like arthritis, skin problems and for some insulin resistance.

If you respond well to dairy, always go organic and always buy WHOLE FULL FAT not the fake versions.

But if you’re intolerant or have PCOD, stubborn weight/metabolism, acne it is a good idea to avoid milk for a while. For Calcium intake, increase the intake of sesame seeds, fish like sardines, lots of green leafy veggies. But remember, the amount of calcium you actually absorb depends on a lot of other factors and not just how much calcium you eat in your diet. So read the following check list:

  1. Check your Vitamin D levels, if you’re deficient only 25% of calcium you consume through food and supplements will actually reach your bones.
  2. Increase the amount of fat-soluble vitamins like Vit A and E from fruits and vegetables, which help with Absorption.
  3. Vitamin K 2 found in fermented cod liver oil and kefir is instrumental in laying down calcium in our soft tissues and bones

If you do all of the above, and quit dairy, you will not have an issue with calcium deficiency.

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