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Our global team is made up of experienced chiropractic specialists along with experts in the fields of physiotherapy, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and therapeutic massage. They are hand-picked to provide you with the most effective and appropriate treatments for your condition, through non-surgical methods. We encourage diversity in our team, recruiting practitioners with different backgrounds, techniques, and languages. We believe that their individuality makes us stronger as a team.

Gerry Nastasia
Chiropractor - DC, DABCO, DIANM, Cert-PSP
Lauren Boyd
Chiropractor - BSc, MSc. Chiro
Ulla Svane
Chiropractor - DC
Pamela Leader
Chiropractor - BSc. Chiro
Huafei Li
Acupuncture Practitioner
Hardain S. Nandhra
Chiropractor - MChiro
Monica Laine
Physiotherapy Specialist - DG. Gonzales-Clark, PTRP, DPT
Frank Free
Chiropractor - DC, CCSM, CHC
Vinita Soni
Physiotherapy Specialist - BPT, MPT
Jake Rhodes
Chiropractor - MSc. Chiro
Devinder Kapoor
Homeopathy Specialist - BHMS, FCHD, IFM, NAET
Elie Ayoub
Chiropractor - DC
Tamara Hattab
Chiropractor - BSc MSc.

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