Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Huafei Li

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Huafei Li is an experienced Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, offering a wide range of treatments at the Umm Suqeim branch. With almost 18 years of clinical experience, including over 13 years in Dubai, Huafei specialises in treating various conditions using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbs, and moxibustion.

His expertise covers ailments like headaches, dental pain, anxiety, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, and more. He is also dedicated to promoting the benefits of Chinese Medicine through writing medical articles, academic research, and speaking engagements. Huafei’s primary goal is to raise awareness about holistic healthcare in the UAE, ensuring patients achieve optimal health and well-being through his therapies, lifestyle management, and maintenance plans.

Whether it’s chronic pain, insomnia, or even weight management, Huafei Li’s acupuncture therapy can offer effective solutions to improve your health and quality of life.

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Expert in treating the following problems using Traditional Chinese Medicine:


I graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. This university is well known for training high class doctors in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including Acupuncture and Cupping. In order to keep my skills up to date, I regularly participate in continuing medical education


I have almost 18 years clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, with more than 13 years practicing in Dubai. I use acupuncture therapy combined with cupping, Chinese herbs and moxibustion. Lifestyle management is also important to treat both physical and psychological problems, promoting health and wellbeing both spiritually and mentally.

Passion for TCM

I am a member the Association of Acupuncture in China and a member of the Association of Chinese Medicine in the UK. Passionate about spreading the word about the benefits of Chinese Medicine, I write medical articles for both Chinese and English newspapers and magazines. I also take part in various academic research activities regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine and I am proud to be an examiner for Traditional Chinese Medicine license organized by Ministry of Health. In 2011, I was the speaker presenting Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Dubai discussing Chinese Food Therapy in the first TCAM conference

My primary goal is to raise awareness about chiropractic in the UAE. I want to help the citizens and residents here, to be pain free and live at their optimum health level. After 13 years of successful practice in our first branch, I wanted more people to experience the passion of our team of global experts. Our newly opened clinic in Jumeirah 1, enables people from the northern Emirates, Sharjah and the Business Bay area, to easily access our services.

Over the years I have perfected many efficient treatment protocols to enable patients to heal in the minimum time possible.

After helping you to arrive at better health, I will help you to maintain your results, with carefully planned maintenance therapy, a correct exercise program, and with any other lifestyle advice you may need to stay well.

My acupuncture therapy can also aid in:

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