Cervical disc herniation

This condition affects mostly the lower area of the cervical spine, mainly the discs between the fifth cervical vertebrae to the first dorsal vertebra. Since all the nerves to the arms arise from this are of the neck, the symptoms may be felt as far away as the fingers. You may experience pins and needles, numbness, pain or muscle weakness with clumsiness.
Often the symptoms are made worse by certain head positions.

Chiropractors use a series of neurological and orthopaedic tests to indicate the precise level of the disc herniation.
Before treatment we may advise you to have an MRI or CAT-scan to visualise the herniation more clearly. If you have already done these examinations, bring them with you when you visit us the first time. The hernia itself doesn’t typically cause the pain, but rather the inflamed and swollen muscles and ligaments. Treating these soft tissues can greatly reduce the pain.

Chiropractic manipulation safely restores mobility and corrects function of neck joints. By carefully manipulating the damaged disc to reduce the excess load, it gradually recovers, providing relief from symptoms.

With our intense chiropractic treatment you have between 80 to 90 percent possibility of excellent and long lasting results.
Although the treatment may take somewhat longer than with a simple cervical muscle problem, the rewards are great.

Chiropractic treatment has a higher success rate and shorter recovery time than surgical intervention. You may even be able to continue working during therapy.

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