Neck and arm pain

About 30% of our new patients at the chiropractic clinic come complaining of neck pain, often combined with arm pain or other spinal pain. Sometimes neck pain can be so slight as to represent only an irritation; other times it can be so strong we cannot go on.

Often the symptoms are caused by our own activities, for example, from poor head posture which can cause stiff neck muscles.

Each day we are up against various forms of stress, working at the computer, on the telephone, reading documents, studying or driving. Even falling asleep in a bad position can cause pain and stiffness in the neck when you awaken.

Luckily, most of these episodes of pain resolve easily by themselves and do not keep coming back. However, when the pain becomes more acute and does not clear up on it’s own in a day or two, this may be a sign of disfunction or the result of a former trauma, such as an untreated whiplash injury. Pain may also be caused by a congenital malformation, degenerative joint disease due to normal aging, as well by as other causes. It is very important that the chiropractor determines the cause of prolonged pain.

Your First Visit

The first visit to the chiropractor will include a detailed case history, analysis of any radiographs or other tests, followed by a physical examination, and at the end your first treatment to reduce neck pain and stiffness. Most people, at sometime during their lifetime will suffer from one or two episodes of neck pain. As humans we walk on two legs, our heads are balanced on top of the vetrebral column, and in time with age, we become subject to osteoarthritis, better know as artritis of the neck.

Arthritic pain can become continuous and worsen over time. However, the pain is not directly correlated with the degree of arthritis seen on a person’s radiographs. In fact, with chiropractic treatment and a course of mobility exercises, the situation can improve, even when your radiographs show advanced arthritis.
At times the arthritis may be associated with other symptoms, like headache, shoulder and arm pain, vertigo and even strange noises. like as if there were sand paper inside your neck joints when you move your head.

In the clinic, the chiropractor has a great many diagnostic tests. Which are designed to determine the causes of your pain, whether they are due to normal wear and tear or a more serious problem. A precise diagnosis will lead to the correct course of treatment, which will in turn give you the best and most lasting results. The great success of chiropractic in treating these symptoms, lies in their training and expertise in the field. The course of treatments increase the mobility of the neck vertebrae, reducing the overall stiffness and restoring function in that area, and most importantly for the patient, getting rid of pain and other symptoms. Another pleasant outcome, not to be underestimated, is a reduction of the intake of over the counter pain medication.

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