Poor posture

The first part of the physical examination during your first chiropractic visit will be a careful postural analysis in the standing and seated position. We are looking for the existence of scoliosis or rotation or uneven shoulders, hips, pelvis or head. From the side view, we look at the alignment of the head with the shoulders, hip and legs, as well as noting the existence of any hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis. The configuration of the legs and feet are also very significant. Any deviation from normal may produce problems for the vertebral column, and so your chiropractor will take into consideration each little postural abnormality when he decides on the causes of your pain and other symptoms.

There are some postural problems (some associated with personality types), which begin when the patient is very young, mainly in adolescence. If the posture becomes habitual, this has a negative impact on the vertebral column, resulting in permanent structural changes. For this reason, parents are advised to have their children’s spines checked by a chiropractor while it is possible to have a greater influence on their healthy growth.

Sleeping positions

After a course of chiropractic treatments, it is possible that the chiropractor, working in collaboration with our physiotherapist, will suggest a course of postural re-education. This, together with an exercise program and regular chiropractic check ups, can help to maintain the spinal alignment in the long term.

We as chiropractors will also evaluate the possible need for orthotics. These are often custom made by a colleague who specialises in podiatry. Should they be needed, we will assess what is required to keep the spine healthy or to improve your symptoms and when you begin to wear the orthotics in your shoes, we will need to check your spine has adapted well to the new biomechanical situation created by their presence.

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