Thoracic pain

Pain in the dorsal area from the base of the neck down to the waist area may have many different causes.

Often, this already naturally more rigid area may become stiffer due to compensation from cervical, lumbar or pelvic dysfunction.  The joints may be blocked in a slightly incorrect position causing inability to bend or rotate in particular direction. This in turn may give rise to pain around the shoulder blades. When the muscles around the vertebral and rib joints become chronically irritated and inflamed, the pain may be very intense, and even radiate to the front of the chest.

You may find that this pain is made even worse by coughing, sneezing, or simply by taking a deep breath. These symptoms are often caused by repetitive or physically monotonous and strenuous jobs such as hair dressing, computer work, or driving for hours. The work does not have to be particularly hard as long as it is repetitive.  Even studying in a wrong position hours on end can cause this problem. Symptoms are also common in people who take little or no exercise.

We as Chiropractors can help you with various techniques to recover the normal mobility of these joints, thus giving you a fast and long lasting relief.
A regimen of correctly planned chiropractic treatments will help you return to a normal pain free life, and even take on physically demanding sports you may earlier have only dreamed of.

In some cases with elderly people the pain may be caused by advanced osteoporosis.

Luckily nowadays these cases are rare, however if you or your friend or family member suffers from extreme osteoporosis, we have series of safe and pain free techniques to help you. Osteoporosis does not constitute a contraindication to chiropractic treatment. We will start the treatment only after we have carried out a thorough case history and made a diagnosis.

Then we will explain what is wrong and what we can do to help, including how long your particular problem is likely to take to get better. If you are suffering any of these or other similar symptoms, please give us a call or come and visit us and we will be more than happy to help you.

This may be your first step to a pain free and more enjoyable life.

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