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Our clinics operate on a pay-and-claim system for insurance. We’ll assist by completing your insurance forms with diagnosis and recommendations. However, please note that we don’t offer direct debit for insurance, and it’s essential to verify your coverage for each treatment aspect on your own.

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What to expect?
Your First Visit with a Chiropractor

Regardless of your chosen practitioner, your first visit to our Chiropractors always begins with a meticulous case history and a comprehensive physical examination. It’s important to arrive 10 minutes early to complete your medical history form and have your vital signs taken. If you have any existing X-Rays, CT scans, or MRI scans, please bring them for review.

Our thorough examination includes orthopaedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests to aid diagnosis and treatment planning. Our approach remains consistent, offering a complete case history and examination for every patient. We employ diverse treatments to alleviate symptoms (including with many patients achieving a pain-free status), enhance function, and promote long-term health, with improved overall well-being.

What to remember

Chiropractic Care In Dubai
Benefits and possible risks of Chiropractic

Discover the transformative potential of chiropractic care in Dubai. Our skilled chiropractors prioritize resolving spinal issues to enhance overall well-being. During your initial consultation, your chiropractor thoroughly evaluates your health history and welcomes any existing X-ray, MRI, or CAT scan results. A comprehensive physical examination, encompassing orthopaedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests, guides the diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Our treatment approach combines a diverse range of manual adjustments for spinal joints with various soft tissue techniques, all performed with skilled hands. We refrain from using machines or medications, focusing on addressing the root causes of pain and symptoms, with a long-term goal of restoring normal spinal and pelvic function. Rely on our expertise to guide you toward a healthier, pain-free life in Dubai.

Discovering the Cause
Understanding Symptoms through Chiropractic Treatment

Explore how chiropractic treatment aims to identify and correct specific spinal issues causing your symptoms.

Whatever your symptoms, the goal of your chiropractic treatment will be to find and correct your specific spinal malfunctions.

The chiropractor begins the first consultation with a careful case history of your general health. If you already have results of X-rays, MRI or CAT scan results, bring them with you for the chiropractor to see. These, together with a physical examination, including orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests, will help your chiropractor come to a diagnosis and treatment plan for your particular problem.

Treatments consist of a large variety of adjustments for the joints of your spine, together with many kinds of soft tissue work for your muscles tendons and ligaments. Apart from the use of a small device called an activator, all our work is done with our own hands. No machines or medicines are used. Our techniques allow us to relieve pain and other symptoms primarily by treating the cause of your problem, and more importantly for the long term to restore normal function to the whole spinal column and pelvis.

In this way you can expect to be healthier after your course of treatment than you were before the problem arose.

In Britain and many other North European countries, manipulation or the chiropractic adjustment has been recognised as the treatment of choice for low back pain. Following an important piece of Research published by the British Medical Journal, Family doctors in Britain have been directed to refer their low back pain patients, within the first six weeks of onset of symptoms, to a qualified chiropractor or osteopath.

The World Health Organization states when “employed skillfully and appropriately, chiropractic care is safe and effective for the prevention and management of a number of health problems”.

The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) suggests that chiropractic is one of the lowest malpractice insurance premiums in the healthcare industry.

The activator is a tool chiropractors sometimes use as an alternative to conventional adjustments for babies and children, the older generation, acute patients and in cases when the usual adjustment is not appropriate. Just like a normal adjustment, it is designed to deliver a measured high velocity thrust in a specific direction and it is completely painless.


Discover how chiropractic care can ease the physical strains of pregnancy. Our specialized chiropractors focus on providing relief during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy often comes with discomfort, but chiropractic care offers a solution. It aims to harmonize your nervous system, ease ligaments and muscles, and promote balance throughout pregnancy. Recommended by the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association, this care reduces pregnancy-related pain and strain.

Pregnancy brings hormonal and structural changes, leading to postural strain, neck, and back pain. Weight gain can worsen these problems. Chiropractic care offers four stages of support, from pre-conception to post-birth. It ensures optimal uterine function, maintains ligament flexibility, balances your body’s changes, and helps prepare for childbirth.

After birth, chiropractic care realigns the pelvis and supports new mothers. For both mothers and babies, chiropractic care is a gentle, effective solution, promoting a healthier start to life.

Experience a pain-free pregnancy journey with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic for Children in Dubai
Benefits of chiropractic care for kids

Chiropractic care at Emirates European Medical Centre in Dubai isn’t just for adults; it offers valuable benefits for children as well. Our experienced chiropractors can identify and treat spinal issues in kids through gentle adjustments and techniques. By addressing these issues early, children can avoid many problems that might arise in adulthood. Regular check-ups during significant developmental milestones, such as when a baby starts holding up their head or begins walking, ensure a healthier neuromuscular system.

Emirates European Medical Centre also specialises in treating infants with colic, providing a natural and effective solution to alleviate symptoms like excessive crying and motor agitation. Chiropractic care for children promotes overall well-being and is as important as dental check-ups for their long-term health.

Managing Arthritis and Osteoporosis with Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic Solutions for Senior Mobility and Pain Relief

Chiropractic care knows no age limits, and at Emirates European Medical Centre in Dubai, we’ve treated patients as old as 96. Contrary to common misconceptions, conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis are not barriers to chiropractic treatment. In fact, our gentle techniques are adapted to cater to the unique needs of our elderly patients. With regular chiropractic care, even those with advanced arthritis can experience reduced pain and improved spinal function. We focus on slowing down degeneration and enhancing the quality of life for our senior patients, helping them enjoy a pain-free and better retirement.

Chiropractic Care for Posture Improvement
The Secret to Good Posture: How Chiropractic Care in Dubai Can Help

Good posture isn’t just about appearance; it’s the key to maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system. At Emirates European Medical Centre in Dubai, we understand the significance of proper posture and offer chiropractic solutions to enhance it. Correct posture ensures that your bones and joints stay aligned, reducing the risk of conditions like arthritis and backaches. It also prevents fatigue and contributes to an attractive and confident appearance. If you suspect that your posture needs improvement, our chiropractors can provide personalised care to help you stand taller and experience the numerous health benefits of good posture.

Chiropractic Adjustment in Dubai
The Science Behind Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractors deliver fast, delicate and specific movements to affected vertebrae and other joints. This distinctive technique, known as the chiropractic adjustment, sets chiropractic care apart and is often associated with the clicking or cracking sound that chiropractors are recognised for. Our chiropractors employ a range of diverse treatment methods with this precision to address various health concerns.

Spinal adjustments not only influence the spinal joints and the spine’s mobility, but they also have an effect on the central nervous system (the brain), and on the peripheral nerves in the limbs, thus affecting muscles, joints and ligaments in the arms and legs. The effect can be to reduce or eliminate pain, reduce other symptoms such as pins and needles or numbness.

Advanced Pain Relief: Cox Flexion Distraction Technique ® in Dubai
Gulf Region's Leading Cox Flexion Distraction Practitioners

Experience advanced pain relief with the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique, offered by certified practitioners in the heart of Dubai. This non-surgical, doctor-controlled spinal manipulation has been well-researched and documented to effectively alleviate conditions such as disc herniation, facet syndrome, stenosis, and even pregnancy-related back pain. By dropping intradiscal pressure, widening the spinal canal foraminal area, reducing spinal nerve pressure, and restoring motion to spinal joints, Cox Technic serves as a safe and efficient solution for those seeking relief from spinal discomfort.

Kinesio Tape and Spider Tech: Integrating Innovation into Chiropractic Care
Enhances natural healing, supports athletes
Kinesio Tape and Spider Tech tape have become integral tools in our chiropractors’ arsenal, delivering remarkable results to our patients in Dubai. These colored tapes, designed to mimic human skin in texture and elasticity, offer support and stability to injured joints and muscles without restricting natural movement. Properly applied by our skilled chiropractors and physiotherapists, this unique tape aids the body’s healing process, enhances proprioception, and stimulates fascial nerves, improving microcirculation and increasing blood flow to the injured area. Renowned athletes like David Beckham and Serena Williams have embraced taping treatments, demonstrating its effectiveness in aiding recovery while still participating in sports.
Planning Your Medical Trip to Dubai
Experience world-class care in Dubai's thriving medical tourism scene
Dubai is quickly becoming a hub for medical tourism, drawing patients from various parts of the world. The city’s renowned standards of care, coupled with English and Arabic as principal languages, make it an attractive destination for medical travelers. Conditions like disc herniations, frozen shoulder, persistent headaches, and lower back pain often bring patients to Dubai seeking treatment. The duration of your stay depends on the complexity of your condition, with options ranging from a week for simpler issues to a minimum of two weeks for more intricate cases. Tailored treatment plans, including chiropractic, physical therapy, and non-surgical decompression therapy, are designed to accelerate your healing process during your stay.
What to expect?
Your First Visit to a Physiotherapist

Welcome to your first visit with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on improving physical function, reducing pain, and enhancing overall well-being. Your initial appointment will involve a comprehensive assessment and the development of a personalised treatment plan. This guide will walk you through what to expect during your first visit.

Arrival and Check-In

Before your arrival, you will have spoken to one of our team members, to decide which healthcare professional is most suitable for your particular health concerns. If the issue is spinal – lower back pain, sciatica, mid-back pain, neck pain or headaches, you will most likely be referred to a chiropractor. If your issue is in one of the other joints, you may choose to see a physiotherapist directly.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be welcomed by a professional and friendly environment. Approach the reception desk, provide your personal information, and complete any necessary paperwork, including a medical history and details of your current health concerns.

Initial Assessment

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll meet with the physiotherapist who will conduct an initial assessment. This assessment is designed to gather detailed information about your condition, including your medical history, lifestyle, and specific physical concerns. The physiotherapist may ask questions about the onset and duration of your symptoms, previous treatments, and your goals for therapy.

Physical Examination

The physiotherapist will then perform a physical examination, which may include testing your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and balance. They will also assess your posture and gait. This examination helps the physiotherapist understand the nature and extent of your condition.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Based on the information gathered during the assessment, the physiotherapist will make a diagnosis and develop a personalised treatment plan. This plan will outline your specific goals and the techniques and exercises that will be used to address your condition. The treatment plan may include manual therapy, exercise therapy, modalities (e.g., heat, ice, ultrasound, combination therapy), dry needling and education.

Hands-On Treatment

During your first visit, the physiotherapist may provide hands-on treatment, such as soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, or other manual therapy techniques to address immediate concerns and alleviate pain or discomfort. Machine treatments are also used such as electrotherapy and ultrasound. The specific techniques and machine treatments chosen will depend on your individual needs and the physiotherapist’s professional judgment. The goal is to improve your physical function, reduce pain, and enhance your overall well-being through these interventions.

Exercise Prescription

At the appropriate stage in your treatment plan, you will likely receive a set of exercises tailored to your condition and goals. These exercises are an essential part of your treatment plan and should be performed regularly at home between your physiotherapy sessions.

Education and Self-Management

The physiotherapist will educate you about your condition, its causes, and how to manage it effectively. You will receive guidance on lifestyle modifications and strategies for self-management.

Follow-Up Appointments

Depending on your condition, the physiotherapist will recommend a schedule for follow-up appointments. These sessions allow the physiotherapist to monitor your progress, adjust your treatment plan if necessary, and provide ongoing support and guidance.


Your first visit to a physiotherapist is the initial step towards improving your physical function and overall well-being. The physiotherapist will work closely with you to address your specific concerns and help you regain optimal physical health. We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of what to expect during your first visit. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your physical health goals through physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy in Dubai
Benefits and Possible Risks of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a valuable and effective healthcare discipline that offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking to improve their physical well-being. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or looking to enhance your overall mobility, physiotherapy can make a significant difference in your life. Here are some of the key benefits of physiotherapy:

  1. Pain Management: Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in reducing pain associated with various conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, and chronic pain syndromes. By using a combination of manual techniques, exercises, and modalities, physiotherapists can help alleviate discomfort and improve your quality of life.
  2. Improved Mobility: Physiotherapists can help you regain and enhance your physical function and mobility. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, addressing the effects of aging, or rehabilitating an injury, physiotherapy can assist in restoring your range of motion and flexibility.
  3. Injury Prevention: Physiotherapists not only treat existing injuries but also provide guidance on preventing future injuries. Through education and personalised exercise programs, they can help you develop better biomechanics and reduce the risk of future health issues.
  4. Rehabilitation and Recovery: Following surgery, accidents, or sports injuries, physiotherapy is often an essential part of the recovery process. Physiotherapists create customised rehabilitation plans that support your body’s natural healing abilities and optimise your recovery.
  5. Enhanced Performance: Athletes often turn to physiotherapy to improve their physical performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, physiotherapists can help you enhance your strength, agility, and endurance to reach your full potential.
  6. Management of Chronic Conditions: Individuals with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory disorders, can benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can design exercise and lifestyle programs that help manage and improve these conditions.
  7. Specialisation in Pelvic Health: Patients, both male and female, with issues relating to their pelvic floor area, can benefit from the extensive education and experience of our Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapist. Conditions relating to urinary or faecal incontinence, pre- and post-partum pelvic issues and sexual dysfunction can be greatly improved by our tailored approach to pelvic floor physiotherapy.
  8. Holistic Approach: Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to health by considering the physical, emotional, and social aspects of an individual’s well-being. This comprehensive perspective ensures that the treatment is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Risks and Considerations

While physiotherapy is generally a safe and non-invasive approach to healthcare, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks and considerations:

  1. Soreness: After physiotherapy sessions, you may experience temporary soreness or discomfort, especially during the early stages of treatment. This is usually part of the healing process as your body adjusts to new exercises and movements.
  2. Rare Side Effects: Serious side effects from physiotherapy are rare, but they can occur in exceptional cases. If you experience unexpected or severe symptoms during or after treatment, it’s crucial to inform your physiotherapist promptly.
  3. Personalized Care: For the most effective and safe treatment, it’s important to provide your physiotherapist with a complete medical history, including any pre-existing conditions, medications, and allergies.
  4. Compliance: Successful outcomes in physiotherapy often depend on an individual’s commitment to following their prescribed exercises and treatment plan. Staying consistent and engaged with your therapy is key to achieving the desired results.

At Emirates European Medical Centres, our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists is dedicated to delivering safe, effective, and individualised care. We prioritise your well-being and aim to help you achieve your physical health goals while minimising potential risks. If you have any questions or concerns about physiotherapy or wish to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you on your journey to better health and mobility.

What to expect?
Your First Visit with the Homeopathic Doctor

Your initial appointment will involve a detailed consultation with the homeopathic doctor to understand your concerns, physical, mental and emotional. Your entire medical history and lifestyle will be looked at.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will need to fill out some initial paperwork, providing details about your medical history, current health concerns, and any medications or supplements you are taking. Your vital signs will be taken.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will meet with the homeopathic doctor. The initial consultation is a crucial part of homeopathic treatment. The homeopath will listen attentively as you discuss your physical symptoms, emotions, and any mental or psychological concerns. The goal is to understand your health in a holistic manner.

You may require a physical examination and/or additional diagnostic tests, for your specific condition. Your homeopath will advise you if this is the case.

After the consultation, the homeopath will use the information you’ve provided to identify a homeopathic remedy that matches your unique symptoms and constitution. Homeopathic remedies are selected based on the principle of “like cures like,” where a substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person can help resolve similar symptoms in an individual with a health issue.  The homeopath will likely prescribe one or more homeopathic remedies, individualised to your condition.

Your first visit is just the beginning of your homeopathic journey. Depending on your condition, the homeopath will recommend a schedule for follow-up appointments.

Homeopaths often provide guidance on lifestyle changes and dietary recommendations to support your overall well-being. These suggestions are aimed at promoting health and preventing future health issues. We look forward to assisting you on your path to improved health and well-being through homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy in Dubai
Benefits and Possible Risks of Homeopathy

The benefits of Homeopathic treatment are manifold. Homeopathy offers a holistic approach to healing, treating the root cause of the illness. Homeopathic medicine is made from the three kingdoms of nature: Botanical, Mineral and Animal. Minute doses of natural extracts are used as medicine. Homeopathic medicine is natural, safe, gentle, and effective in restoring the body’s own healing capacity, without any side-effects. Homeopathic medicine is indicated in both acute and chronic diseases, of the physical body and the mind. Homeopathy is beneficial in the prevention of disease and to sustain health.

In terms of side effects – they are rare, however, occasionally in skin diseases, there may be variable responses depending on the type of constitution and predisposition, owing to the nature of the disease itself, which will be fully explained by the treating Homeopathic Physician. It is advisable to have regular follow ups with your Homeopathic Physician, to reduce the incidence of aggravations and enhance the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction.

Homeopathic remedies are used in very minute doses and high in dilution, are well tolerated, and are unlikely to have any side effects or any major risks. Homeopathic medicines have limited or no scope in emergency situations or in critical illness. In case of chronic diseases, when the patient has an ongoing treatment with his/her medical specialist, interactions with the medications are also not observed, however, please provide medication details to the treating Homeopathic Physician.

There may be a potential risk if you are delaying allopathic medical treatment when necessary, however, your Homeopathic Physician will advise you if this is the case.

Unlike many health care procedures, the serious complications associated with the homeopathic treatment are extremely rare. However, a few precautions for using homeopathic medicine include storing the medicine in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, heat and radiation. Homeopathic medicines should not be refrigerated and should be kept away from strong odors like camphor, coffee, paints, etc.

What to expect?
Your First Visit with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Your initial appointment will involve a consultation with the TCM doctor, and you’ll likely receive acupuncture and/or cupping therapy as part of your treatment.

Upon arriving at the clinic, please approach the reception desk and provide any necessary personal information. Your vital signs will be taken.

Once you have checked in, you will be guided to the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor’s office.

The doctor will begin by asking you about your general health, medical history, and any specific health concerns or symptoms you’re experiencing. Be sure to provide as much information as possible to help the doctor develop a customised treatment plan. Physical examination will generally include pulse reading and examination of the tongue and may include other examinations, depending on your presenting condition.

Based on your consultation, the doctor will discuss the recommended treatments. In many cases, the first visit may involve either acupuncture or cupping therapy. These treatments are designed to address your specific concerns and promote overall well-being.

After discussing your treatment plan, doctor will prepare you for acupuncture or cupping. Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into specific points on your body to stimulate energy flow and promote balance. You’ll typically lie down on a comfortable table. The needle insertion is generally minimally painful, and the needles do not cause significant discomfort.

Once the needles are in place, the TCM doctor will leave you to relax for about 20-30 minutes. You may feel a sense of deep relaxation and warmth during this time. Many patients use this time to meditate or simply unwind.

The doctor may recommend cupping therapy. This involves the placement of glass or cups on your skin, creating a gentle pulling sensation that can help promote circulation, relieve muscle tension, and encourage the release of toxins.

The doctor will discuss your progress and may recommend additional sessions. You’ll receive a customised treatment plan tailored to your needs. Additionally, the doctor may offer dietary and lifestyle suggestions to support your overall health.

Your first visit to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor is an opportunity to experience the holistic and healing approach of TCM. It’s a journey toward achieving balance and well-being in both body and mind. We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of what to expect during your first visit. We look forward to assisting you on your path to better health and vitality through TCM.

Acupuncture and Cupping In Dubai
Benefits and possible risks of Acupuncture and Cupping

Discover the holistic potential of acupuncture, cupping, and traditional medicine in Dubai, practices rooted in enhancing energy flow (known as QI), improving blood circulation, and promoting well-being. Recognised by the World Health Organisation, these therapies offer effective relief for a wide range of conditions, including pain management, neurological disorders, and more. At our clinic, a DHA-licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner conducts comprehensive assessments and tailors treatments to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring safety and well-being. While generally safe, minor side effects such as bleeding or soreness may occur, underlining the importance of choosing certified practitioners. Dubai residents can rely on our expertise for acupuncture, cupping, and traditional medicine therapy.

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