Hardain S. Nandhra

Image of male Doctor Hardain Nandhra of Emirates European Medical Centre Jumeirah Branch. British chiropractor trained in UK with years or experience in busy London Clinics. Holistic approach with diversified technique. Enjoys treating sports men and women

Hardain S. Nandhra, MChiro


I graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, with a Masters of Chiropractic. After graduating I practiced for 6 years in London, UK, for the biggest provider of chiropractic care in Europe, before moving to Dubai.

Coming from a chiropractic family, a holistic approach to health and fitness has always been of great importance to me. I am passionate about helping people restore their health, function optimally and live life to their full potential. I believe in listening and getting to know my patients, with a friendly and relaxed approach, to ensure you are comfortable throughout your chiropractic journey.


I have a wealth of experience in the management of various neuromusculoskeletal conditions, as well as the most common problems of headaches, neck pain, low back pain, disc and joint-related issues. I enjoy treating patients from all walks of life, from children to elderly, families and mothers during pregnancy and athletes.

With a keen interest in postural correction, functional training and rehabilitation, I strives for clinical excellence and continually invests in his own professional development, to provide the best possible care for patients.

Outside of chiropractic, sport has always been a big passion for me. Growing up, I played both tennis and cricket at county level. I am now a very keen golfer and enjoys keeping fit, through weight training and the gym. I also love animals and very much a dog person, with two Jack Russells in the family.