This simple activity can actually increase the size of your brain

Walking very rarely receives a title on the cover of the fitness and health magazines we often read. We tend to forget how important walking is.  We have read about the ‘feel-good” hormones, stress relieving abilities, and increased levels of oxygen as advantages of walking and staying active, but a recent study illustrates an actual increase […]

What is Spinal Compression?

Anything from aging to injury could be a possible cause for the spinal column being compressed. It’s a condition where the spine suffers from constant pressure; the force of the compression on the spinal cord stops the nerves from functioning normally. Essentially, it disrupts your brain from communicating with other areas of your body. So, […]

Weight training could avoid Osteoporosis and promote bone density

In an article by Women’s Health in February, they listed the 12 reasons why you should include lifting weight in your workout. Apart from fat-loss, heart-health and better hormonal levels it builds stronger bones. Here’s what they found “As you age, bone mass goes to pot, which increases your likelihood of one day suffering a […]

The best sleep posture for you

Most women have trouble scoring between the sheets—scoring ample shut-eye, that is. Nearly 80 percent have problems sleeping at least a few times a month, and 23 percent have issues almost every night, according to an exclusive Women’s Health survey. What’s worse, per the National Sleep Foundation, half of all women regularly wake up feeling […]

Some green and bean for Arthritis???

WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN Not only is avocado great for the purpose of a healthy diet. In a new study, researchers found patients with arthritis who used supplements of avocado and soybean oil had reduced joint space narrowing. The interesting way avocado prevents both osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is by preventing pro-inflammatory prostaglandin […]


It’s been about 2,000 years in the making, but acupuncture is becoming more mainstream. Research shows that the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA), and fibromyalgia might be improved with acupuncture. But how? The ancient – and current – theory of acupuncture goes a little like this: An essential life energy called qi (pronounced […]

The Proof is in the Pudding (Research)

Neck pain is a frequent and disabling complaint in the general population, and joint position sense (JPS) is an important function of the nervous system, recognizing the location of joints in space, and an essential element in the maintenance of balance or kinesthetic sense Joint position sense is the ability to be aware and move […]