Stretching is beneficial for EVERYONE

People might think that stretching exercises are only for athletes, yet never had a thought that it could be beneficial for everyone including kids, office-workers or even housewives. Stretching is also a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle, muscle group or tendon is intentionally loosened or stretched to impose muscle elasticity and […]

When to consult a Chiropractor about back pain during running

With the weather warming up, making it difficult for us to be active during day, it is easy to excuse yourself from exercising. Although that shouldn’t be an excuse to not go running during night, find your old running shoes and start running again. The benefits of running are immeasurable. And while most people agree that […]

Want to start running? Start slowly.

We’ve all done it before… deciding that we had enough of lazing around an endless amount of evenings, after someone or something inspired us to lift our butts off the couch and start with a running plan. Once this inspiration strikes, we want to run like an Olympic gold medalist, which leads us to overdoing […]

Sports injuries and how Chiropractic care can help

We have known for years that Chiropractic treatment is being used by more and more professional athletes. Usain Bolt, Bradley Wiggins, Tiger Woods have all used chiropractic care. More than 100 chiropractic doctors were sent to the London 2012 Olympics to provide care for team USA, its no wonder they won the most medals in […]