Activities to improve and prevent Chondromalacia Patella

CHONDROMALACIA PATELLA is a condition wherein there is degeneration and softening in the cartilage underneath the patella (knee cap). It is the most common cause of chronic knee pain among young, athletic individuals, runners, jumper, skiers, cyclists and soccer players who exercise often, people who have injury, dislocation, fracture or other injury to the knee […]

Stretching is beneficial for EVERYONE

People might think that stretching exercises are only for athletes, yet never had a thought that it could be beneficial for everyone including kids, office-workers or even housewives. Stretching is also a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle, muscle group or tendon is intentionally loosened or stretched to impose muscle elasticity and […]

Advanced Technology that Assists Chiropractors in Delivering Chiropractic Adjustments.

This instrument delivers a gentle and precise chiropractic adjustment to the joints of the spine and extremities. Watch this two part video, one of our chiropractors, Gerry Nastasia explains and demonstrates the latest technology in delivering chiropractic adjustments. Call us at 04-3481166 to book now or visit at to learn more. Part two – Demonstration of […]

Are you struggling with a slow metabolism?

If you’ve been trying really hard to lose weight and nothing seems to be working, you’re probably “metabolically deranged” and need to work at healing your metabolism with an entirely different approach. Here’s my take on certain diet approaches you may have tried and why they didn’t work after a while. 1. Calorie counting: Honestly, […]

Bump on your elbow?

A 57 year old male patient came to our clinic with a chief complaint of localized aching pain on right elbow in a scale of 5/10 and had been experiencing for the last four weeks. Symptoms are worse upon elbow flexion and direct pressure. There was no reported trauma that might have been the cause. […]

Pay attention to your sprained ankle

Ankle sprain is a common medical condition where one or more of the ligaments of the ankle is torn or partially torn, usually through turning the foot under and causing excessive stress on the ligaments of the ankle. This can be caused by excessive external rotation, inversion or rarely eversion of the foot. When the […]

Homeopathy for Children

How does Homoeopathy benefit children? Children right from infancy until teenage years go through so many shifts in their systems that they stay constantly challenged. Whether it is emotional, physical or intellectual, the children benefit greatly when they are started early on homeopathic medicine. From 0-6 months The common problems encountered in this age group are difficulty latching […]

Champions of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is becoming more common among athletes and has helped many professionals to prevent injuries, enhance performance and alleviate pain. Zach Johnson won the 2015 British Open with the help from Chiropractic care. His father, Dr. Johnson who graduated from Palmer College Of Chiropractic, says; “Zach has been receiving chiropractic care his entire life and […]

Chiropractic care for babies

During first months of a baby´s life it is very important to be aware of his or her physical development. The development of the spinal curves is taking place during the first 2 years of our life and it is important for the baby to be offered the optimal positioning to facilitate normal development. When the baby learns […]

iPad & Smartphones have become the new babysitter

Many years ago it was a luxury to own a mobile but today it has become a necessity and it is normal for kids to use electronics such as smartphones and tablets weeks after they are born. Babies use the smartphones mainly to play games; some of these games are made such that they develop […]

Parkinson’s disease linked to gut bacteria

Doctors have been trying to find the cause of Parkinson’s for many years and it is still a mystery. When the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it was the general belief that boxing and countless hits to the head had caused him to develop Parkinson’s disease. However, last year his personal […]

See how you can prevent headaches and migraines safely.

Headaches and Migraines are very common problems and they have a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives. There are many things that can cause headaches and migraines such as stress, posture, tension and even your diet can have an impact. There are more than 200 different kinds of headaches and 90 % of […]

This simple activity can actually increase the size of your brain

Walking very rarely receives a title on the cover of the fitness and health magazines we often read. We tend to forget how important walking is.  We have read about the ‘feel-good” hormones, stress relieving abilities, and increased levels of oxygen as advantages of walking and staying active, but a recent study illustrates an actual increase […]

Why your baby needs to go through ALL the phases of development

THIS IS AN ARTICLE FEATURED BY By Dr. Genevieve & J-P Mercier For parents, every milestone reached by their children is a good reason to celebrate. A few of those stand out; the first roll-over, the first steps and eventually, the first word pronounced. All of them represent stepping stones on their way to […]

How to avoid back and neck pain during exams

It’s that time of year again.  Not only are writing exams stressful on you emotionally, but also sitting for hours on one is not really what our bodies were destined for, and it takes its toll on our back and neck. As a very distracted student, I used to study at the university library. Not […]

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of spaces in the spine (backbone) that results in pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots. Each person’s spinal cord size and canal size is different, and so the risk factors also vary. Onset of spinal stenosis is often gradual and worse with movement. Pressure on the lower part […]

Can you actually adjust your own joints?

As with most things in life, there are people who believe that chiropractic adjustments could be a DIY project too. Patients who self manipulate are probably some of the most difficult patients to treat. “Self cracking may be treated with chiropractic manipulation”- says Dr Pamela Leader, MD and DC at EEMC Dubai. Twisting and contorting […]

Trigger point therapy for sinus

The most common symptom of sinusitis, and often the most unpleasant, is pain. You have several different sinuses above and below your eyes, and behind your nose. Any of these can hurt when you have a sinus infection. If you thought your sinuses are in your nose, think again. They are actually air-filled spaces in […]

Does Paracetamol work at all?

Paracetamol is very often the easiest and first medication we reach for when suffering from lower back pain.   This might seem like a quick fix…but is it a fix at all? A large randomized trial published in The Lancet finds performs no better than a placebo. SHOCKING RIGHT? 1,652 randomly selected participants were included […]