Therapeutic massage

Chiropractic Dubai at Emirates European Medical Centre has addedTherapeutic Massage to ensure our patients have access to the greatest range of high quality care. To complement our chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments we now deliver a full range of massage therapy at our clinic. Our massage therapists are both fully licensed physiotherapists and trained in massage. We have the following massage therapy treatments in our clinic:

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is usually provided in combination with physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments. Guided by our doctors and physiotherapists, a therapeutic massage often ensures even more effective treatment and pain relief for patients. It is common to concentrate on certain muscle groups or particular parts of the body.


A more traditional massage for relaxation, the focus of this treatment is to de-stress the patient and relieve tension that may cause painful symptoms around the body. Sometimes we ask for this to be performed before chiropractic treatment. It is often great to use this massage between well care visits.

Sports massage

Massage aimed at athletes of all levels and in all sports. Whether to loosen up some tight muscles, or as part of an injury rehab, our sports massage is dedicated to ensure you go out feeling confident and perform at your best, pain free.

Patients will usually be referred for a specific massage by one of our doctors dependent on what they believe is the best type of massage for each individual case. The massage we offer is NOT a replacement or alternative to chiropractic treatment itself, but may be advised as part of an overall treatment plan. The doctor will consult with the massage therapist on an individual patient basis, to ensure you achieve the most effective treatment.

Deep Tissue Therapy Massage

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and the connective tissue. For people with intense, chronically tight or painful muscles caused by sports injuries or recovery from accidents. Using slower strokes and deep friction techniques across the grain of the muscles all over the body.

Hot Stone & Anti Stress Massage

Natural heated smooth stones are placed on certain points on the back to warm and loosen tight muscles. Combining the heat from the stones with aromatherapy oils and long soothing massage techniques concentrating on the whole back. An intense and alternative form of massage.

Some massage therapy may be covered by your insurance if requested by your doctor. Please check your own coverage for therapeutic massage or sports injury rehabilitation.