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Pamela Leader, BSc. Chiro, Chiropractic Practitioner

Pamela Leader, BSc. Chiro, is the founder and owner and Medical Director of Emirates European Medical Centre in Dubai and she has been a practicing chiropractor for over 24 years. She is passionate about imparting her knowledge and wisdom to enable men, women, children and babies to benefit from the chiropractic care she loves to give. Her post-graduate education in Clinical Chiropractic Neurology through Parker College along with further extensive post graduate education gives her a deeper understanding of the various problems she finds in the patients she treats. All kinds of headaches, knee problems and low back pain and disc pain are among her personal special areas of interest.

Perhaps her greatest achievement is the development Emirates European Medical Centre; a multidisciplinary clinic managed with strong family values, and a patient centred approach. Now celebrating its 13th year, Pamela, ensures that patients can be treated by experienced professionals specializing in chiropractic, physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and a G.P. They all share a common goal – to take care of patients’ health and wellbeing in a natural manner using up to date, evidence based, treatment protocols prescribed and provided by each carefully selected health practitioner.

Pamela Leader is very passionate about sharing her long chiropractic experience and practical expertise with younger doctors, and associates who join the clinic, as well as continually learning from them and all her staff members. She hopes to eventually create a centre of clinical training based at the same premises.

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