Lauren Boyd, BSc, MSc. Chiro, Chiropractic Practitioner

Lauren Boyd, BSc, MSc. Chiro, has committed her career to help individuals regain their health, vitality and most importantly live to their full potential. Lauren works with all age groups: from the first few weeks of life to the elderly, seeing both male and female clients. 

Our brain and body are in constant communication to one another via our central nervous system. Common problems like lower back pain, neck pain or even knee pain, are often a result of poor brain to body communication. Using detailed analysis and examination, Lauren will be able to determine the best course of action required to take care of you and your body. Lauren’s philosophy is to not only fix the problem but to adjust the cause.

Lauren studied at the Anglo European Chiropractic College where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Human Sciences and a post graduate Masters in Chiropractic. She obtained a higher achievers scholarship for maintaining exam results in the top 15% of every year for five years. After graduating, Lauren spent many years working in Jersey, Channel Islands, helping to enhance the growth of a new Chiropractic Centre. She has since moved back to Dubai, where she grew up, to take the next steps of her journey as she has always dreamt of. 

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