Before you judge this, hold on and listen up…

I’m not saying this is only based on scientific evidence and a lot of recent research against gluten but I’ve tried this personally and with a lot of my personal clients too.

People feel a difference in their energy levels, an instant improvement in their digestive functions, some feel more alert mentally and drop fat more easily. I’ve seen my diabetic clients respond very well to gluten free plans (most of them if not all)
Whole wheat is better than refined bleached white flour but is NOT necessarily the best for you.

Some of us are just a bit more sensitive to Gluten compared to the others. You may or may not be able to evaluate that with an allergy test.

I always try going gluten free with some of my clients; specially the ones who complain of lethargy (tiredness) all the time, and then we introduce it again after a while to see if they feel any different.

To be honest, my faith in this strategy became very strong when an autistic child started to feel a lot better without wheat and wheat based products.

So if giving up wheat is not something you’re up for but you struggle with a whole lot of health issues, it’s worth going cold turkey for a while to see if there are any improvements.

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