So untrue! So outdated and in my opinion, really Foolish!

Our problem is not high calories diets! Low nutrient diets are the major culprit behind us staying fat and miserable.
If you go by the magic number “1200” or even worse “800” calories for weight loss, you will not only lose weight, but also lose out on a healthy metabolism, your skin plus hair health and your “good muscle weight” which your body desperately needs to stay young.
The way you burn 100 calories from almonds is very different from the way you burn 100 calories of a crappy highly processed granola bar.

A granola bar is a glorified candy that raises your sugar levels too quickly giving you practically no healthy fats or protein and minuscule amounts of nutrients. On the other hand, consuming even over 200 calories from almonds or any other healthy nuts means you get more nutrients like calcium, magnesium, mufa fats and stable sugar levels which is perfect for a fat burning environment.

Stop counting calories and start loading up on nutrients!

Low calorie crap that wrecks havoc on your system:
Zero / diet sodas
Low fat/ fat free anything
Low cal sweetners
Diabetic sugar free biscuits
Cholesterol free refined vegetable oil

Few of my favorite high calorie foods that help with fat loss and hormone balance:
Almond butter
Organic peanut butter
Coconut oil
Vegetables soaked in butter garlic, cause steam veges can really never be my thing

To follow non gimmick low fuss fat loss strategies: