Are you On Glucophage? Read and learn 

PCOD, weight gain, high fasting insulin levels, elevated sugar levels, Impaired glucose tolerance, Insulin resistance, irregular monthly cycles: If you’ve consulted a doctor for any of these, I’m sure, either you were asked to get on glucophage or are on it already.

I’m guessing doctors realize how lazy we are and get down to prescribing medication directly. I know most people get on the pill and expect it to magically work for them.
Years later, the potency of their drug has only increased along with their weight and no improvements in their lifestyle habits.
Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes should be the first line of action with metabolic syndrome. If you don’t see any improvements after being consistent with your new health regime for about 6-8 months, you definitely need medication!

If you are already on Glucophage or have insulin resistance, here are the nutrients that are proven to help in a big way!

B12: 30% of the people who take metformin land up with severe b12 deficiency, which can cause irreversible nerve damage. Tingling sensation in hands and feet and numbness are the first few signs. B12 is present in abundance in meat products. If you don’t eat meat, you’re better off taking B 12 supplements.
Chromium: 200 mcg of chromium can help sensitize your body to insulin. It’s a lot like what Glucophage does. Chromium is insulin’s little helper and makes it easier for glucose to enter your cells for energy. PCOD, type 1 and type 2 diabetics can benefit a lot with regular supplementation.

40% healthy fats: 40% of your diet should consist of good fats from Ghee, butter, raw nuts, coconut oil, meats, whole eggs, avocados. Healthy Fat makes you skinny by keeping you insulin levels stable and is super for regularising your hormones. Start loading up on good fats!

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