Pre-Conception Care:
If you are thinking about or actively trying to conceive, Chiropractic and Acupuncture can both be very beneficial by helping to maintain optimal uterine function and a more regular menstrual cycle to help you plan and conceive easily.
Chiropractic care while a woman is pregnant helps to maintain uterine ligament flexibility within the uterus and helps the mother balance her body as it goes through extreme changes as the fetus is growing.

Labour and Birth:
Getting Chiropractic adjusted right before labour or even during the birthing process can increase the suppleness of the pelvis to help relax ligament, making it an easier birth with less pain.
Post-Partum (After Birth) Care:
Chiropractic is so important for mother and baby after birthing. The mother may need help with getting her pelvis realigned after giving birth, also it can help with the extra stress that new mom’s go through such as carrying heavier loads (new baby, diaper bags, push chairs etc).

The baby also should have a full spinal check-up. Birth can be very traumatic on the newborns spine. Research shows that health problems that may arise later on in development such as breast feeding problems (difficulty turning the head to one side), infantile colic, excessive crying, otitis media, etc., all of which can be helped with chiropractic care.

Post pregnancy care
The hormonal changes during and after pregnancy, initiate a relaxation of the pelvic ligaments which often results in back pain, lower abdominal pain (ligaments stretching), and the pain syndrome can cause referred pain, or radicular pain to the legs and also result in neck pain, headache and shoulder pain.

At Chiropractic Dubai the rehabilitation process can start as early as one week after birth. This will make sure your spine and pelvis function to their best ability, and will assist in a quick and successful recovery. This can be especially useful in the case of difficult births and caesarean sections, where we can work to help stimulate the ligaments and muscles back into action.

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