If you’ve been trying really hard to lose weight and nothing seems to be working, you’re probably “metabolically deranged” and need to work at healing your metabolism with an entirely different approach. Here’s my take on certain diet approaches you may have tried and why they didn’t work after a while.

1. Calorie counting: Honestly, if you stick to eating 1200 calories or less per day, you’ll never land up getting enough nutrients in the day. Eventually your body gets depleted or deficient in important nutrients and you see yourself stuck on the scales.

2. Eating smaller portions: Works for a while but if you’re looking to get fit and change your body composition, eating smaller portions of your favourite foods like pizza pasta milkshakes will not help you reach your fitness goals. It’s a great start to get in the zone, but you will need to focus on macros after losing the first few kilos.

3. Hitting the gym for 2 hrs a day/ over working out: This method will help you step up your metabolic rate but will also make you really hungry. When you start eating lesser than you expend, over a period of time, the hunger pangs get worse, and you cannot maintain this as a lifestyle. Also removing more than an hour for workouts everyday is nearly impossible if your lifestyle is hectic.

4. Detox diets: These are by far the most foolish one’s to be on for over 2-3 days. You’ll lose muscle, water, your bone health and the firmness in your body. Plus when you start to resume “ normal eating” the weight will come right back up! Being on a prolonged “ detox diet or pills or soup or juice cleanse will always always do more harm than good.

If you’ve tried all these methods, and are now struggling with a resistant metabolism…it’s time to make that switch! You might need a more rigorous approach to reset your body.

Learn more about how your body functions, how you can heal it and drop those extra inches.

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