We are aware of treatment helping many health issues apart from the well known areas of pain in the muscles and joint, when chiropractic treatment is given. Patients often report better digestion increased immunity and general sense of well being. Some of these effects are due to the effect of adjustments on the autonomic nervous system. Many chiropractors also treat babies for colic and this has been well researched and documented. In as few as one or two treatments, mothers and fathers see a massive change in the babies crying after treatment with gentle spinal manipulation.

A similar effect has been seen in many women suffering from abdominal and low back pain during their periods.  An Australian Journal of Chiropractic reported in 2003, that pelvic joint dysfunction and period pain is strongly correlated. In fact we often find that our patients report a “coincidental” improvement in period pain when their low back pain has been effectively treated by our chiropractors.


In the March 2008, issue of the scientific periodical, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) reported the following:

The study was conducted on 13 women with an average age of 26 years, with the youngest being 20 and the oldest 45. The women included in this study all reported that they had symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea during all of their menstrual cycles during the previous year. All of the women suffered from low back pain, abdominal pain each menstrual cycle.

The results were very good with abdominal pain levels decreasing from 8.3 to 5.0 after the first 3 treatments for the first menstrual cycle and then down to 3.6 for the second cycle. Back pain levels decreased from 7.0 to 3.2 and 2.1 in a similar way.  Furthermore, other secondary symptoms like headaches, fatigue, diarrhoea and constipation also improved.

Several other studies have been completed on this area, with some noting significant improvements in period pain and others being inconclusive. Sometimes this has been due to the methodology used and others due to the poor design of the research.

In any case, if you are suffering with back pain, which increases in intensity during your menstrual cycle, a trial of specific chiropractic adjustments directed to the pelvis and lumbar spine is highly advisable. It is possible that the decrease in period pain has several causal factors, only one of which is pelvic and spinal in nature. At the very least you will improve your low back function and get rid of any pain, which is present due to that.

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