At Chiropractic Dubai, we see that our patient base are likely to consist of more men than woman, not because men have less pain ailments, but they wait it out and have the perception that – it’ll disappear by itself.

By reading this you are probably one of few men that have a pro-active approach to health. Here’s how chiropractic can fix what you can’t.


Chiropractic care makes you stronger.

Structure determines function. It is common for men to come to the clinic with acute low back pain from all the hard work, or the physical activities they have been part of. Guess what? Unless there is a significant injury, strong backs don’t tend to just blow out.

What happens is your back structures tighten-up with time, an accumulation of stress, and then the core back muscles get weak – and “fragile back” syndrome makes its appearance again! The next thing you know, the weakened muscles can’t perform and hold it together, and then, you bend over to pick up a hammer or your kid, or do one little thing, and your back gives in and the pain becomes intolerable.

Specifically applied chiropractic adjustments re-align and mobilize the tight joints and get things moving the right way.  With proper structural alignment and mobility, the deep core muscles have something to do, and they naturally get strong and have the ability to support the back.

Most of the things we do, require energy, agility and endurance!  When your body is misaligned, your nerves are not functioning the way they should be, and your muscles are weak, it can totally drain your energy and leave you unable to perform at the level, which you are actually capable of.

With chiropractic care, your body can focus its energy on doing the things you want and need to do.  Often with even a handful of visits, men report that they notice improvements.

IT ISN’T MACHO TO IGNORE YOUR HEALTH. Most men work under the old adage “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” Many times they wait too long when the problem could have easily been prevented. One-third of untreated lower back problems will eventually escalate to become persistent and disabling.

Our Chiropractors will give you a comprehensive assessment of your problem, before embarking on a mutually agreed course of treatment. It’s about far more than just taking away the pain: it’s a strategy for improving movement and preventing recurrence of the injury, while allowing the back to heal and strengthen.