During first months of a baby´s life it is very important to be aware of his or her physical development. The development of the spinal curves is taking place during the first 2 years of our life and it is important for the baby to be offered the optimal positioning to facilitate normal development. When the baby learns naturally and gradually how to lift head, stand up or walk, it helps to develop his or her natural spinal curves.

Tummy time plays a central role when the baby lies on his or her tummy, he or she will automatically lift themselves up and look from side to side to see what is going on around them. You can also help him or her by putting toys in a circle around the baby. He or she will then reach for the toys and then strengthen muscles that later will help him or her to crawl and roll over. Babies should never be left unattended while they are on their tummies.
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It is not a good idea to put your baby in a supported seat before they have learned how to support themselves, this can cause a disrupt in normal stages of spinal and muscular development. Are you worried about any aspect of your baby´s physical development or behavior, please book an appointment with Pamela Leader who will help your baby achieve  physical milestones. Babies respond very well to gentle Chiropractic care.