Most of us are under the impression that the last thing our kids should be dealing with at a particular young age is headaches, and that is true, however it’s a harsh reality that more and more parents seek solutions to this problem. Headaches can have a wide range of causes and many levels of severity. It’s important to understand how to recognize when a headache is just a passing pain and when it’s something more and requires medical attention.

Headaches are thought to be caused by changes in chemicals, nerves, or blood vessels in the head and neck which results in pain messages being sent to the brain and in turn causes a headache.  In general, kids get the same types of headaches as adults. And headaches often are hereditary, so if a parent gets them, their kids might too.


As a parent our kid’s well-being is our top priority, and giving them a short-term solution like a pain tablet is definitely not the way to go.  There are research that shows that kids with migraines are being prescribed narcotics at a disturbing rate. For parents interested in a non-pharmaceutical approach to countering the problem chiropractic treatment can often help.

In a study performed with a 15 year old boy whom was suffering from recurring headaches for a month and in addition he was also diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome (TS) 10 years ago.


Tests revealed that he was not on the academic level that a typical 9th grader should be.   For 19 weeks he received a total of 42 spinal manipulations as treatment accompanied by exercise which assisted with his conditions as shown below.

The outcome:

  • The boy reported that he no longer had migraines
  • He had not as much of the TS twitches
  • He reported having more energy whilst studying where as previously he had fallen asleep while attempting to do so
  • His attention span was also raised by a miraculous 90%
  • This study showed that not only does Chiropractic help with migraines in kids, but may also assist with other conditions.

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