Flat feet can cause pain in your Knees, Hips & Spine!!!

Our feet are the foundation of support for the pelvis and spine. In addition, they support whole weight of the body; they provide balance; they propel us; they safely absorb shock and adapt to walking stresses. The feet provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities. Any change or problem in the foot can affect the rest of body, especially the ankle, knee, hip joint, and lower back.

How can we help correct this problem? During standing posture, the alignment of the arches in each foot has a significant impact on the position of the legs and pelvis. When the arches are low and/or the foot is loading excess weight on the wrong parts, the knees tend to rotate inwards. It’s common to have pain in the knees, hips, and spine from malfunctioning arches.
In most cases we can help correct this problem and reduce the painful effects flat feet can have on the legs, hips and spine. Firstly we perform a footscan, then we can order customized foot orthotics, created to properly support the fallen arches of your feet, patients are advised to wear the orthotics in their shoes everyday. Good orthotics are designed to provide support for all three arches of the feet and benefit all the joints above. Because the entire body structure is balanced on one foot at a time when walking and running, improving foot alignment can improve knee, hip, pelvis, and even spinal postural alignment.

If you think you might have flat feet, or have pain in any or these areas get help before it gets worse and leads to serious spinal or joint problems. You can book a consultation with our Doctors by calling 043481166. Or for more information visit our website: www.chiropracticdubai.com