Patients visiting their doctor with neck and back pain who do not get better with conventional painkillers are often offered epidural injections into the spine. These injections are often given for disc herniations in the cervical or lumbar spine to help with inflammation, which at times can calm down the pain of sciatica or arm pain.


Recently, the FDA of the US has warned against the extensive use of these injections, because of the many severe repercussions they can have. The FDA, now requires “warning” be added to the labels of injectable corticosteroids, such as methylprednisolone, hydrocortisone, triamcinolone, to alert users of these risks. Anyone considering having such an injection should be warned about the possible adverse effects, which are loss of vision, stroke paralysis and even death.

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Decompression illustration

The FDA urges doctors to discuss the risks and benefits of this epidural injection of corticosteroids with their patients and offer alternative treatment options.


At Chiropractic Dubai we have good success treating our disc herniation patients with chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and non-surgical decompression therapy. Many of our patients experience clinically signficant pain reduction and a gradual return to their daily activities and preferred exercise. The combination of suitable and effective conservative treatment(s)  along with rehabilitation exercise (prescribed by our team) can help avoid the risks of more invasive methods like injections and surgery.


If you would like to be treated by our team for relief from disc herniation, back pain, neck pain or leg and arm pain, please call 043481166 and ask for an appointment. One of our chiropractic team will consult with you and prescribe the ideal course of action to suit your problem, taking into consideration the severity of your problem, your age, fitness and state of health.