Struggling to shake off those extra inches gained over the year? Rashi Chowdhary, renowned Dubai-based inch loss expert and resident Dietician gives us the secrets to shaking them off, like they never even existed, and shares her inch loss program highlights.

The crux of the plan is to keep it simple!  We get back to basics! Each plan revolves around these 5 basic but effective principles:

1. Good Earth – Eat foods in their most natural form possible.

2. Winsulin – Eat food in the right combinations to control your insulin levels.

3. Happy Calories – Eat foods that you and your body love.

4. Body Clock – Eat convenient foods at regular intervals.

5. Pro-portion – Eat 80% of your appetite by resizing your food portions.

Here’s a step-by-step of HOW IT WORKS:

 Step1: In- Depth Analysis

Lifestyle analysis: We do a detailed discussion about your current eating and sleeping timings, activity and stress levels, and daily habits that you think are healthy which could be the reason your efforts towards weight loss are going to waste. 

Body fat analysis: Here we figure out what your actual weight is made up of, how much fat you need to lose and the amount of muscle you may need to gain. It is an absolute shame to lose weight if it’s all just muscle and water. You and your body  deserve better than that! So we’ll make sure you lose fat and not just weight!

Step 2: Your personalized meal plan

We will mutually decide on a meal plan based on your food preferences, childhood eating habits, cultural meals and activity levels.

Step 3: Staying on track

The program is designed with some healthy tools which will help you through the entire process. For the 1st few weeks you will need to share your daily food recalls either by Whatsapp / emails or messages in order to keep a close check on how well the plan is fitting in your lifestyle.

Step 4: Way forward

Meetings are scheduled every 2 weeks to check your progress and to re-evaluate your meal plan. Your body needs a new stimulus every now and then to burn fat at a faster rate.

A 12 week inch loss challenge is the preferred duration to kick-start your body’s natural fat burning machine which will also provide long term benefits as opposed to a crash diet.

Things to remember about fat burning:

Fat burning takes place when we reduce or, better yet, eliminate crappy food nutrients like excessive fructose, trans fat and refined grains from our diet. Eating clean and choosing the best exercise for your body is what works in the long run. But if you seem to be doing everything right and feel like the inches don’t budge, it’s a good idea to add these fat burning foods for 2-3 weeks into your meal plan. Not only will you feel a burst of energy and motivation to work out, but you’ll also see how the inches will start dropping off.