I’ve recently worked on a lot of couples who have issues with conception. I had to write this post cause I have noticed one common thread amongst 80% of them. Well, there are a couple but this one has stood out the most.


Homocyteine( HCY) Levels

I urge you both to check the homocyteine levels in your blood. Most couples have elevated levels. HCY is an amino acid (or a protein) that is toxic to a healthy sperm and a healthy egg cell, both of which are vital for getting pregnant, staying pregnant and developing normal embryos.

Incase you’re thinking of cutting down your protein to reduce your levels, let me tell you, that will not help and is not the reason for elevated levels.
Lack of B6, B12 AND FOLIC ACID cause high levels of HCY in both men and women. If you’re a female, have struggled with PCOD or endometriosis, been on contraceptives and Glucophage for a long time, chances are your B Vitamins are depleted which could also be a major reason for your obsessive carb cravings. But more on that sometime later.


For now, Load up on baby spinach, green veges, nuts, black eyed beans, free range organic eggs and organic brown rice, they are all rich in B6, B12 and folic acid.

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