If this is a question that comes to your mind before you start a new diet, let me make it really clean and simple for you.


Nothing much changes with this mentality. You will lose some weight could be 2 could be 10, but it’s always going to come back when you get off the diet. You’ve been there and done that before!

Do it differently this time, change your perception about your health, diets and weight loss.

You can suck your stomach in, use your best photo angle to look slim in a picture, Pick a black dress to feel slimmer but you can NEVER FAKE PERFORMANCE!

The day I stopped obsessing over getting abs/ being a certain weight on the scale and made it about running faster, lifting heavier, having more stamina and feeling awesome…that’s when the process became so much more fun.
That feeling… goes way beyond losing 2 kgs on the scale or fitting into a size smaller.

Let weight loss, Looking slim, getting those abs be the side effect of you improving at your fitness goal. With this attitude you’ll inspire so many others along the way.

Don’t settle for “just” weight loss! Look beyond, Raise the bar, surprise yourself! That’s where all the fun starts