Arthritis is a condition that usually involves inflammation of the joint. It is thought to mainly affect the elderly but in truth, there are different forms of Arthritis that can affect people at any age. There are processes that can cause inflammation in the knee and the most common is osteoarthritis. This term describes damage to the articular surface (shiny surface) of the joint, which can be attributed to age, altered mechanics of the joint or a trauma or injury. Another common form of arthritis is Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is a systemic disease, which means it affects multiple organs or tissues in the body. This can cause destruction of the joint surfaces by compression. Chiropractic can help this condition as long as it is not in the active phase of inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medicine and Steroid injections can be prescribed for this condition but sometimes can mask the cause and should only be taken upon consultation with a rheumatologist.

There are eight classes of arthritis and related conditions that have been identified. These are:

  1. Inflammatory – The membrane of the joint is irritated
  2. Attachment Arthritis – The tendon or ligament fastened to the bone is irritated
  3. Crystal Arthritis – The big toe joint has deposits of microscopic crystals of sodium urate
  4. Joint Infection – Bacteria infect the joint fluid that can be found in the knee
  5. Cartilage Degeneration – Arises when the cartilage breaks down
  6. Muscle Inflammation – Muscle tissues become inflamed
  7. Local Conditions – A localized injury such as a sprain
  8. General Conditions – General muscle pain

shutterstock_84424468 Causes of arthritis may be mechanical for instance; if the person’s feet are pronating (turning in) or supernating (turning out) over a long period of time the stresses will pull on the knee, the knee will be under abnormal stress and the cartilage will in time be damaged.

According to an article published online June 30 in Arthritis & Rheumatism one third of total knee replacement surgeries in the United States may be inappropriate. The average age of these patients were 66.9 years of age, and more or less 60 % of them were women. The study showed that 34,3% of total knee arthroplasty (TKA, knee replacements) is inappropriate. Most of these patients had slight or moderate symptoms and had pain and functional loss, less than half that of the average patient undergoing TKA, the researchers write. In addition, it was common in this group for patients to be younger than 55 years.

Only after exhausting all other alternatives, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc. should the possibility of a knee replacement be discussed with the patent.

At Chiropractic Dubai we may prescribe orthotics in this instance and perform manipulative therapy to ensure that the spine and joints are correctly aligned to cure this. We will also look for referred pain from other structures such as the low back, pelvis and hip that are causing pain in the knee. If other joints are not working correctly they can put increased stress on the knee joint and although the knee might provide symptoms of pain, the cause may lie elsewhere. Immediate reduction of pain would include avoiding aggravating factors, the use of a support, ICE therapy to reduce inflammation and pain and soft tissue healing with laser therapy.

Specific Chiropractic manipulation to areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints can improve function and reduce pain. After this phase is completed, our Chiropractors may recommend a rehabilitation program that could include exercises to improve strength, stability and endurance to help the body heal more efficiently and to also prevent the opportunity for new injuries. For more information on how we at Chiropractic Dubai can help treat Arthritis, please call us on 04 3481166, e-mail us on or visit where you can also book an appointment online!