Fat burning trick: 


Wake up to 1 scoop of lean 95 in water + 1 tsp. virgin coconut oil

When to have it:
As soon as you wake up, preferably within the first 10 minutes if you want to lose fat and gain some tone.

How it helps:
lean 95 is a vegan protein supplement. There are many available here, but this one is by far the cleanest ones you’ll find.  It gives you 7-8 grams of clean protein first thing in the morning, which has shown to accelerate the rate at which we burn fat and gain muscle.
The virgin coconut oil goes a long way in keeping you full for the next 2 hours, contributing to your daily dose of lauric acid, which is a super healthy fatty acid. A complete MUST HAVE for all those struggling with hormonal issues, high cholesterol, candida infections and even stubborn fat especially around the mid section.


How does it taste:
Well, to be honest, not great. Also, If you are new to coconut oil, then all the best!! But when you see things improving in your body after consistent use, you’ll thank me

If you can’t find lean 95?
Try 2 whole eggs cooked in coconut oil first thing in the morning or any protein shake of your choice.

Need a little push to try this?
My fitness trainer Martin Vlcek introduced me to this strategy…works beautifully.  Also, I’ve tried it with a lot of my own clients and they respond really well to it.