Migraine headache is a painful problem, which needs to be understood and controlled on a number of fronts. Noting and avoiding what may trigger them is the first step to beating the unrelenting pain they produce. The next step is to get your spine checked and treated by a chiropractor to enable each joint and muscle to work at optimum levels. Most headache is caused by problems in the joints and muscles of the neck, which refer pain to various points in the head.

Stress is a major trigger for most headaches including migraines. Tension-type headaches result when muscles in the neck, shoulders and head tense up, limiting blood flow to the area and building up waste products in the tissues.  Many migraines start with tension headache. Chiropractors are dealing daily with the effects of stress in the body. The adjustments they make to the spine restore joint function and remove the blocks that the stress causes.

Get these things right first!

  • Sleep well and regularly.
  • Avoid beer and wine (especially red wine). They contain tyramine and phenylethylamine, which trigger migraines.

Avoid these foods:

  • tyramine (found in aged cheese, smoked or pickled foods, nuts and chocolate);
  • monosodium glutamate (a flavor enhancer often used in Chinese cooking); sodium nitrite (found in hot dogs, ham and bacon);
  • caffeine (found in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and many soft drinks).

Chiropractic – The Natural Solution to reverse the condition.

This is usually is a once-only intensive treatment program which requires minimum follow up maintenance therapy. Patients report improvements in the vast majority of cases early in their treatment program sometimes in the first three treatments.

Migraines and headaches can be treated so that they do not reoccur as they were before the treatment. By locating the causes of migraines and headaches in the spine and it’s muscles, the problem can be resolved, drugs are no longer necessary and a normal life can again be resumed.

Chiropractic treatment is based on a highly efficient treatment program for fast, effective and long term relief for migraines and headaches. With great skill and precision, our chiropractic doctors locate the spinal malfunctions and correct them over a number of treatments. Alongside some basic lifestyle changes and simple exercises, your spinal movement becomes relaxed and free. As this happens your pain no longer plagues you. In our clinic, chiropractors Pamela Leader and Gerry Nastasia have developed the program over 18 years and they are currently successfully treating many patients who were suffering regularly with migraine headaches. Call us for an appointment to end your pain. 043481166.