Elderly and Chiropractic

Chiropractic can help people of all ages, there is no upper limit. Our oldest patient so far is ninety six years of age! Indeed, with older patients, the chiropractor employs gentle techniques that are carefully adapted to her or his more fragile physique. Contrary to some beliefs, many problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis are absolutely not an obstacle to chiropractic treatment

Surviving a lifetime of work and play, it is normal to accumulate wear and tear in any joint, especially those bearing weight continuously.
Disc degeneration and arthritis are ways in which the body responds to wear and tear of the vertebral column. With regular chiropractic care, it is possible to slow down or in some cases stop the stages of the degenerative process, and enjoy a pain free and better quality retirement. Ask us as your chiropractor for a preventative program of treatment made to measure for you. We will be happy to spend all time needed to explain your problem and tailor your treatment to your personal needs.
Even if your radiographs show advanced arthritis, we can improve the function of your vertebral column or other joints by mobilisation and manipulative therapy, thus alleviating your pain and stiffness.

The degree of arthritis is not correlated with the degree of pain you feel.


Arthritis of the spinal column does not always cause back pain, but when this happens, it means that the degeneration may be already at an advanced stage: on the surface of the vertebrae deposits of calcium are formed, resulting in reduced flexibility. When this happens you may feel very stiff and often painful. Even when the x-rays show advanced arthritis, with our personalized chiropractic care the degenerative process can be slowed down and pain can be reduced.

X-rays: a) b) c) d) e)


Normal curves and regular disc space which allow normal painless function of the vertebral column and consequently the nervous system.

The loss of the normal curve result in dysfunction of the muscular and nervous system. This figure shows a spinal trauma, which may give various symptoms over many years if left untreated.

The bony osteophytes and the abnormal increase of the vertebrae, distort to the shape and reduce the mobility of the vertebral column.

After years of neglect, the overuse of the cervical spine can lead to the fusion of vertebrae.

for a man of 75 years of age. This patient of 75 years has prevented degeneration because he has years of regular chiropractic care behind him.