Chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy has become very common after some types of surgeries because surgeons have come to the realize that the invasiveness of surgery can lead to misalignment and in turn, cause stiffness in the muscles as well as discomfort.

Rehabilitation can mean the difference between getting back to enjoying your normal life sooner. If its a sports injury it can make the difference between giving it up altogether or making a full recovery and returning to the sport you love. The correct chiropractic care and physiotherapy program can dramatically speed up your recovery and prevent future injuries.

If you require post surgical rehabilitation, please rest assured we receive referrals from and work very closely with a number of orthopedic surgeons in these cases. Frequently in post surgical rehabilitation, it is necessary to address and assist the patient to achieve a more complete recovery.


Some examples of the types of cases we have treated post surgically:

•Carpal Tunnel Release
•Hip replacement
•Back surgery such as: Cervical & Lumbar discectomies & laminectomies
•Knee arthroscopy

Initial treatment is to address swelling and inflammation and to allow for tissue healing, later stages address a return to full function. The healing and recover processes do take time; often the rehabilitation following a surgery is almost as important as the surgery itself.

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are very well qualified to successfully help patients with their post surgical recoveries. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated rehabilitation suite on site.

If you are preparing for surgery or are recovering from surgery and would like to know if chiropractic care and physiotherapy can help your rehabilitation call us on 043481166. To find out more about the problems we treat, visit our website: