Anything from aging to injury could be a possible cause for the spinal column being compressed. It’s a condition where the spine suffers from constant pressure; the force of the compression on the spinal cord stops the nerves from functioning normally. Essentially, it disrupts your brain from communicating with other areas of your body. So, depending on where the compression occurs along the spinal column, the end result can be varied.


Symptoms, such as back pain, abnormal sensations, numbness, muscle weakness, or impaired bladder and bowel control, may be mild or severe. Pain may radiate down a leg, sometimes to the foot. Sometimes sensation is lost. Reflexes, including the urge to urinate, may be lost, or if compression has lasted for a few weeks or longer, reflexes may be exaggerated, sometimes causing muscle spasms and increased sweating. If compression increases, symptoms may worsen.

An article published in defines non-surgical vertebral decompression as “stretching the spine, using a traction table or similar motorized device” so the spinal column becomes realigned. Essentially, it is said to create a “vacuum effect,” when the spine is elongated, it creates “the needed” space for all the parts of the spine to transfer back into the right positions.

One study, published in Neurological Research, found spinal decompression therapy to be extremely effective. With this particular piece of research, 778 cases were included, with diagnoses ranging from herniated disc, to degenerative disc, to facet syndrome. The data assessed included the participants’ self-reported levels of pain, mobility, and whether they were able to participate in regular, everyday activities. Of the individuals involved, decompression therapy dropped the pain to a zero or one on a five-point scale for almost three-quarters of the cases (71 percent).

Non-surgical spinal decompression has proved to be a great success in our clinic, especially for patients suffering from herniated discs.  We use this treatment alongside chiropractic and physiotherapy for optimum results.  Book an appointment online or phone us at 04 348 1166.

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