This is one hell of an inspiring story.
I am a diabetic educator and meet so many newly diagnosed diabetics who seem to have a very fearful, very negative attitude about their condition. This post is for all you guys to get inspired and get working towards whatever you want from your life. This guy has further instilled my faith in the power of our mind. Its amazing how much we can achieve, what all we are capable of and how we can realise our full potential if we just stop listening to that negative chatter inside us and instead focus on our hopes and dreams. Read on to find out how Type 1 Diabetes changed Omar’s life forever… “Diabetes is my best friend, my sanctuary, my drive and way of life. Diabetes is a blessing that made me the person I am today. Diabetes is my crazy gift ”

When did you find out and how did you respond to it?
I found out in November 2010 and it was by complete accident. I was having lunch with a friend in Madinat Jumeirah and after lunch we stepped out to one of the open arenas for a cigarette where they were giving out flyers and doing free blood tests. My friend being the curious type insisted we go and do a blood test to which I agreed. My turn came and once the nurse saw my reading she looked at me in pure shock and told me to get to a hospital immediately. Honestly, I thought that either the meter wasn’t working or she was exaggerating the urgency. I went home, had dinner and went to sleep thinking to myself that tomorrow morning I will find out it wasn’t really a big deal. I got to the hospital the next morning and started with my tests. they took all the samples, did the tests they needed, and asked me to return in 2 hours. I waited around and walked back into the doctor’s office as agreed. He looked at me in pity and said: I’m sorry but it seems you are type 1 diabetic. I didn’t know what to think or what to feel, I had no idea what that meant even though diabetes was very common on my father’s side. Foolishly I ask: so what now? I need to watch my diet and exercise more? The doctor responds: first we will have to admit you to ICU for a few days to regulate your blood sugar and then put you on insulin. I didn’t understand what any of that meant, I just went along with the instructions. Bottom line, I told myself that I will be fine no matter one.

What were the positive things that happened after you decided to take control?
every day I feel better than the day before, the more i learn the better I become, both physically and mentally. taking control of diabetes has also taught me how to take control of any other challenge in life, personal, professional, or any other. the formula of positivity is fail proof!

What would be that one thing you’d ask people with diabetes to change?
Their state of mind. A negative state of mind poisons the body, mind, and soul. if you let that happen, you will easily be defeated by any small challenge in life. If you stay positive, you will always see the solution clearly.

Any message for those who have recently found out that they have type 1?
Take it as a blessing. You are given the opportunity to understand you body and how it works. Diabetic or not, you are limitless in what you can accomplish. life is beautiful and don’t let anything change that. if you end up living like a victim, it is only because you chose to live like one. Change your perspective and your whole life will change with it. You are required to imitate only one function out of billions your body does every single minute, that’s not so bad if you ask me. Also, if you look at how difficult managing diabetes was a few decades ago, doing that today is a piece of cake. Or even before that, when getting diagnosed with diabetes basically meant that you had to wait in agony till you die. Don’t take things for granted, its not a nice trait.