Let me start with this: Egg yolks, Pasteurized butter, ghee and nuts do not raise your cholesterol levels. But if you have all of this combined with the following …then you are in for trouble.

Eating fruits right after dinner:
I’m guessing your dinner has some sort of carbs in the form of Rice/ Roti/ dal/ Veges/potatoes etc. Or probably, all of these together in one big meal. Post this if you are going to stuff yourself further with a platter of cut fruits cause you think it’s healthy, you are doing more harm than good. When your liver gets an overdose of carbs all once, it stores some of it as glycogen but the excess amount raises your triglyceride levels in the blood and eventually it gets converted to fat (specially around your waist) for future use. The only time you will benefit from a eating a fruit at night if you are looking for quicker recovery from an intense workout.


Being Deficient in Omega 3
Most of us get way too much omega 6 cause we eat out a lot, don’t eat enough fish and cook in refined vegetable oils at home like canola, saffola, sunflower etc. These habits disturb the omega 3:omega 6 ratio that our body needs. Most often we get almost 6 times more omega 6 compared to Omega 3. This tends to raise your overall cholesterol levels. One easy way to correct that balance is to supplement your diet with Omega 3.

Frying food in refined oil
I’m anyway against cooking food in refined oils. They are ripped off all nutrients and give your body no real nourishment. Cooking in coconut oil is one of the wisest kitchen decisions I made. When you fry food in your “light” “heart- healthy” “marketing gimmick” oils, you are subjecting it to very high temperatures. This changes the chemistry of the oil and it becomes a trans fatty acid that your liver does not know how to process, thus raising your LDL and triglyceride levels. Stick to coconut oil, which has a high smoking point if and when you fry stuff at home.

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